Welcome to my website. I hope you will find plenty to interest you and stimulate reflection.

As a philosopher, my more academic work has been published in books and journals (see My Publications). and on this site you will find examples of the work that has built on that academic background.

My belief that philosophy can be a practical pursuit is developed in Doing Philosophy

The paradoxical title Practical Metaphysics contains essays and reflections on what this could be and what might constitute wisdom.

My original insight regarding reality, can be found on pages introduced at Reality and the “Beyond Within.

I explore the conundrum of existence in What it is to “be” and some particular aspects of existence in Love, Sex and the Erotic.

My own reflective practice has led me to write short stories“poemish” pieces and explorations of what a philosophical life entails.

Particular life experiences have led me to reflect on death and dying.

Work in Philosophical Counselling led me to develop ideas around the value of encounters with strangers, both to them and myself, which can be found in Philosophy with Strangers: Connectionism.

My most recent work has been in fiction, always with a philosophical flavour. Details of these books can be found at Not Equal Press.

Finally. I include References, Books and Films that I have found stimulating, a Bibliography and a Gallery of images of philosophers ancient and modern (it is always interesting to see what they looked like).

© Sarah Rochelle 2020